Indian Geography - Questions (Section-1)
51The percentage of India's total population employed in agriculture is nearly
A. 40%B. 50%
C. 60% D. 70%
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52The proportion of forest to the total national geographical area of India as envisaged by National Forest Policy is
A. 30.3%B. 33.3%
C. 38.3% D. 42.3%
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53Which of the following areas or regions is most prone to earthquakes?
A. Ganga-Brahmaputra valleyB. Deccan plateau
C. Plains of northern India D. Western ghats
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54Which of the following dams has generations of power more than irrigation as its main purpose?
A. Gandhi SagarB. Hirakud
C. Periyar D. Tungabhadra
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55Which of the following important rivers of India does not originate from the Western Ghats?
A. CauveryB. Godavari
C. Krishna D. Mahanadi
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