Current Affairs Important Days - Questions (Section-1)
3614th December is observed as a ___________.
A. National energy conservation dayB. National Girl Child Day
C. National Productivity Day D. National Technology Day
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37On which date Vijay Diwas was celebrated?
A. December 13B. December 14
C. December 15 D. December 16
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38On which date, International Day of Neutrality observed?
A. December 11B. December 12
C. December 13 D. December 14
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39What is the theme of 2018 International Universal Health Coverage Day?
A. Unite for Universal Health Coverage: Now is the Time for Collective ActionB. Health for All - Rise for our Right
C. Leave no-one behind D. Achieve universal health coverage
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40What is the theme of the 2018 International Human Rights Day?
A. Our Rights, Our FreedomsB. Stand up for someone's rights today
C. Let's stand up for equality, justice and human dignity D. Stand up for the human rights
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