Current Affairs Important Days - Questions (Section-1)
5626th November is observed as the __________.
A. World Hindi DayB. National Girl Child Day
C. National Milk Day D. National Security Day
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57Africa Industrialization Day is observed on 20 November with the theme of;
A. Promoting Regional Value Chains in AfricaB. Reducing poverty through sustainable industrial development
C. New information and communication technologies D. Business through technology
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58National Epilepsy day os observed on which date?
A. November 17thB. November 18th
C. November 19th D. November 20th
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59The World Fisheries Day was observed on __________.
A. 21st NovemberB. 20th November
C. 19th November D. 18th November
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60When was the Universal Children's Day celebrated?
A. Nov 20thB. Not 18th
C. Nov 16th D. Nov 14th
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