Current Affairs Important Days - Questions (Section-1)
46Indian Navy Day was observed on;
A. 1st DecemberB. 2nd December
C. 3rd December D. 4th December
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47International Day of Persons with Disabilities was observed on which date?
A. 6th DecemberB. 5th December
C. 4th December D. 3rd December
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48On which date, Armed Forces Flag Day is observed?
A. 4th decemberB. 5th December
C. 6th December D. 7th December
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49On which date, the World Computer Literacy Day is observed?
A. December 5B. December 4
C. December 3 D. December 2
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50World Soil Day is celebrated annually on the 5th of December. The theme of this year is;
A. Soils, a solid ground for lifeB. Soil day for future life
C. Caring for the Planet starts from the Ground D. StopSoilPollution
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