Current Affairs Festivity - Questions (Section-1)
1Historic Esala Maha Perehera festival begins in __________.
A. MyanmarB. Nepal
C. Bangladesh D. Sri Lanka
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2The 462nd Kandoori festival 2019 has celebrated in which of the following states?
A. Andhra PradeshB. Kerala
C. Karnataka D. Tamil Nadu
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3The 52nd Boori Boot Yollo festival 2019 is celebrated by which tribe of Arunachal Pradesh?
A. ApataniB. Mishmi
C. Nyishi D. Singhpo
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4The Shirui Lily Festival 2018 was celebrated in which of the following state?
A. OdishaB. Sikkim
C. Himachal Pradesh D. Manipur
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5What is the theme of the 12th edition of Aero India 2019?
A. The Runway to a Million OpportunitiesB. The Runway to a Billion Opportunities
C. The Runway to a Trillion Opportunities D. The Runway to Unlimited Opportunities
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