Current Affairs Economy - Questions (Section-1)
31As per the latest report of IMF, what is the growth rate of India for the 2019?
A. 7.1%B. 7.2%
C. 7.3% D. 7.4%
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32As per the Trade and Development Report of UNCTAD, what is the GDP growth of India for 2018?
A. 7.0%B. 7.2%
C. 6.8% D. 6.2%
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33For which crop, the Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs, CCEA, has increased the Minimum Support Price (MSP)?
A. RabiB. Wheet
C. Rice D. Maize
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34Udyam Abhilasha, a National Level Entrepreneurship Awareness Campaign is launched by;
A. Exim BankB. NABARD
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35What is the India's GDP growth forecast for 2018, according to UNCTAD's latest report "Trade and Development Report"?
A. 6.8%B. 7.0%
C. 7.2% D. 7.4%
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