Current Affairs Economy - Questions (Section-1)
61Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) of Reserve Bank of India has increased the policy Repo Rate under the liquidity adjustment facility (LAF) by __________ basis points in the Second Bi-monthly Policy Statement (2018-19).
A. 25B. 20
C. 15 D. 10
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62SEBI amended its 'Takeover Code' under which law?
A. Prevention of Money Laundering ActB. Foreign Exchange Management Act
C. Negotiable Instruments Act D. Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code
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63SoftBank Group Corp has decided to invest __________ billion for a solar power project in India.
A. 25B. 50
C. 75 D. 100
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64Which one of the following approached SEBI seeking its approval to launch petrol and diesel futures contracts?
A. Bombay Stock ExchangeB. National Stock Exchange
C. Indian Commodity Exchange D. Multi Commodity Exchange
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65Which stock exchange launched a 'Tri-party Repo Market Platform' for repurchase of corporate debt security?
C. India INX D. Calcutta Stock Exchange Ltd
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