Current Affairs Economy - Questions (Section-1)
51As per ADB's Asian Development Outlook report, India is the fastest growing economy in Asia with the GDP of __________.
A. 7.5B. 7.3
C. 7.4 D. 7.6
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52RBI to issue New Design Rs.100 denomination banknote. The base colour of the note is;
A. RedB. Green
C. Lavender D. Gray
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53Recently, CBIC launched an app to verify if the person collecting GST from the consumer is eligible to collect it or not. The name of the app is;
A. GST VerifyB. GST Check
C. GST Collect D. GST Value
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54The government has slashed the minimum annual deposit requirement for accounts under the Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana (SSY) to __________ from Rs 1,000.
A. Rs 350B. Rs 500
C. Rs 250 D. Rs 400
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55This country becomes World's 2nd biggest stock market.
A. USB. China
C. Japan D. Germany
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