Current Affairs Economy - Questions (Section-1)
1CM Fadnavis approves Rs __________ for the memorial of Krantikari Khajyaji Naik in Maharashtra.
A. Rs 5 croresB. Rs 8 crores
C. Rs 12 crores D. Rs 15 crores
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2GST on under construction flats cut from 12 percent to __________ %.
A. 10.5%B. 7%
C. 5% D. 8.2%
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3In which City does Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched laid foundation stone of Defence Corridor?
A. PrayagrajB. Varanasi
C. Lucknow D. Jhansi
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4India has boosted the Customs Duty on all the goods imported from Pakistan to how much percent?
A. 180%B. 200%
C. 150% D. 160%
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5What is the new GST Recommended by Government Panel for under-construction residential properties?
A. 5%B. 8%
C. 12% D. 15%
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