Current Affairs Defence - Questions (Section-1)
36SHINYUU Maitri-18 is a bilateral air exercise between India and this country.
A. JapanB. Singapore
C. Brunei D. Thailand
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37The 10th Edition of the bilateral exercise between the Indian Navy and Russian Federation Navy begins in __________.
A. VisakhapatnamB. Kolkata
C. Cochin D. Chennai
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38The Indian Coast Guard has conducted the Regional Level Marine Oil Pollution Response Exercise titled 'Clean Sea - 2018' __________.
A. Kolkata PortB. Kandla Port
C. Port Blair D. Paradip Port
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39Which of the following is the India's Second Inland Water Transport origin destination pair for containerized cargo movement on National Waterway-1?
A. Paradip-CuttackB. Kolkata-Patna
C. Mumbai-Chennai D. Panaji-Kochi
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40Which of the following theatre level maritime war exercise will be conducted by Indian Navy?
A. Sagar KavachB. Avardhan
C. Sea Vigil D. TROPEX
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