Current Affairs Defence - Questions (Section-1)
11Exercise Rahat Concluded in __________.
A. AgraB. Jaipur
C. Hyderabad D. Chennai
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12Name the Helicopter launched anti-tank missile, that is test fired in Balasore, Odisha.
A. PralayB. Helina
C. Shaurya D. Prahaar
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13Name the India warship which participated in a multi-national training exercise 'CUTCLASS EXPRESS 2019'?
A. INS TabarB. INS Trikand
C. INS Trishul D. INS Sahyadri
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14This country has signed the U.S. for 72,400 SIG716 assault rifles.
A. GermanyB. Russia
C. India D. South Korea
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15Which team won the Regatta trophy in the Kochi Area Pulling Regatta 2019?
A. Southern Naval CommandB. Anti-Submarine Warfare
C. INS Dronacharya D. INS GARUDA
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