Current Affairs Defence - Questions (Section-1)
66Druzhba-III is a Joint Military Exercise between Pakistan and __________.
A. FranceB. US
C. India D. Russia
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67India, Japan and __________ plans for a trilateral joint air exercise.
A. RussiaB. China
C. US D. France
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68India's first competition for drones technology is hosted by __________.
A. Indian NavyB. Indian Air Force
C. Indian Army D. Indian Coast Guard
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69Which country tested the world's largest cargo drone Feihong-98 (FH-98)?
A. IndiaB. China
C. Germany D. Brazil
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70Which of the following get a contract of $777 million contract to supply LRSAM air and missile defence systems to seven ships in the Indian navy?
A. RaytheonB. Rafael Advanced Defense Systems
C. Boeing D. Israel Aerospace Industries
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