Current Affairs Defence - Questions (Section-1)
56Emerging Trends in Aviation Engineering and Logistics' (AVIAMAT-2018) was organized by;
A. DRDOB. Indian Coast Guard
C. Indian Armed Forces D. Indian Air Force
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57Name the sail training ship of Indian Navy that returned from a seven-month sail across the world named 'Lokayan 18'?
A. INS TariniB. INS Tarangini
C. INS Bharath D. INS Savitri
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58The 2nd successful night trial of Agni-1 ballistic missile was conducted in which coast?
A. Odisha CoastB. Andhra coast
C. Malabar Coast D. Konkan coast
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59The Maharashtra Cabinet has approved this aircraft as a floating museum.
A. INS ShivalikB. INS Jalashwa
C. INS Viraat D. INS Satpura
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60Which two countries jointly launched the Oceanography Satellite recently?
A. China and FranceB. France and Russia
C. India and China D. US and Russia
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