Current Affairs Defence - Questions (Section-1)
1Afghanistan formally launched shipping goods to India, through which of the Iran's port?
A. Chabahar PortB. Khorramshahr Port
C. Imam Khomeini Port D. Amirabad Port
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2'Aviation Conclave 2019' Organised By Civil Aviation Ministry. It's theme is;
A. Flying for allB. Working Together to Ensure No Country is Left Behind
C. Aviation: Your Reliable Connection to the World D. Tomorrow's Aviation - a world of opportunity for skilled aviation personnel
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3Defence Acquisition Council (DAC) recently approved purchase of defence equipment worth Rs __________ crore.
A. 1,800B. 2,400
C. 2,500 D. 2,700
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4Defence Minister Smt Nirmala Sitharaman inaugurated the 12th biennial edition of International Aerospace and Defence Exhibition in Bengaluru. The theme of this event is;
A. Rise of FuturismB. Unite India, Make India
C. Runway to a Billion Opportunities D. Force in Transit
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5With which organisation, Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IOCL) signed an MoU for jointly developing infrastructure for fuels, lubricating oil, LPG, Natural Gas and any other related fuel and gas?
C. SCI D. Ministry of Shipping
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