Current Affairs 2019-02-11 - Questions (Section-1)
1Himalayan Cloud Observatory set up in __________.
A. HyderabadB. Aurangabad
C. Tehri D. Chittoor
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2Multinational maritime exercise 'AMAN-19' was held in __________, Pakistan.
A. MumbaiB. Karachi
C. Dubai D. Jakarta
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3Name the India warship which participated in a multi-national training exercise 'CUTCLASS EXPRESS 2019'?
A. INS TabarB. INS Trikand
C. INS Trishul D. INS Sahyadri
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4This Country approved to sell two of its advanced missile to India for an estimated cost of $190 million?
A. FranceB. Germany
C. U.S D. Russia
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5What is the name of the digital skilling program launched by Facebook to empower women?
A. GOAL(Going Online As Leaders)B. Go Digital
C. Digital India for girls D. Digital Empowerment
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6Which Bank won the Aegis Graham Bell Award 2018 in 'Innovation in Data Science' category?
A. ICICI BankB. Kotak Mahindra Bank
C. IDBI Bank D. Yes Bank
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7Which region has been declared as Jammu & Kashmir's third administrative division?
A. BadgamB. Ladakh
C. Anantnag D. Pulwama
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8Who among the following was appointed as the Secretary, Ministry of Minority Affairs?
A. Tarun ShridharB. Navin Verma
C. Sanjay Kothari D. Sailesh
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9Who clinched Chennai Open ATP Challenger tournament title?
A. Corentin MoutetB. AndrewHarris
C. Sasi Kumar Mukund D. Laurynas Grigelis
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10Who has been appointed as the assistant coach for Australia's cricket team for 2019 World Cup?
A. Matthew HaydenB. Shane Watson
C. Ricky Ponting D. Steve Waugh
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11Who has been elected as the chairman of the African Union?
A. Adel EmamB. Salman
C. Anwar Sadat D. Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi
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12Who is appointed as Ambassador of India to the Republic of Marshall Islands?
A. Dinesh KumarB. Suresh Kanh
C. Vikram Kumar D. Sanjay Kumar Verma
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13Who launched the book "Law, Justice and Judicial Power - Justice P N Bhagwati's Approach"
A. Dipak MisraB. Ranjan Gogoi
C. Madan Lokur D. Jasti Chelameswar
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14Who launched the Hirkani Maharashtrachi scheme to provide a platform for women's Self Help Groups (SHGs) in Maharashtra?
A. Shri Dharmendra PradhanB. Shri Nitin Gadkari
C. Shri Suresh Prabhu D. Smt Nirmala Sitharaman
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15Who tops Hurun India Philanthropy list 2018?
A. Mukesh AmbaniB. Suresh Kumar
C. Ambitabh Bachaan D. Anil Kapoor
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16Who was appointed as CEO of Cognizant, recently?
A. Brian HumphriesB. Francisco D'Souza
C. Rajeev Mehta D. Kumar Mahadeva
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17World Pulses Day was celebrated on;
A. 11th FebruaryB. 10th February
C. 9th February D. 8th February
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