Current Affairs 2019-02-05 - Questions (Section-1)
1Behrouz Boochani, who won the Australia's richest literary prize, is from which country?
A. Saudi ArabiaB. Palestine
C. Iran D. Oman
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2Name the new dwarf spheroidal galaxy discovered by astronomers from Italy, the UK, Germany and the United States, using Hubble Space Telescope, on 31st January 2019?
A. Jincig 1B. Bedin 1
C. Nostro 1 D. Ginnie 1
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3Name the person who was elected as the President of El Salvador, on 4th February 2019?
A. Nayib BukeleB. Salvador Sanchez Ceren
C. Theodre Jinchaz D. Alijaz Ramsay
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4The World Heritage Centre (WHC) would be set up at which of the following states?
A. AssamB. Odisha
C. New Delhi D. Kolkata
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5What is the theme of the 2019 World Cancer Day (WCD)?
A. Not Beyond UsB. I Am and I Will
C. Debunk the Myths D. Cancer Myths - Get the Facts
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6Which company received the Aegis Graham Bell Award 2019 under Innovation in Data Science, in Panaji, Goa, on 4th February 2019?
A. Cando AutomationB. Uniphore Software Systems
C. BlueChip Technological Solutions D. Ubisoft Technologies
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7Which state government has launched the 2nd phase of Pasupu-Kumkuma scheme?
A. Andhra PradeshB. Odisha
C. Telangana D. West Bengal
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8Which state is planning to expand the Millet Village scheme to several districts following the successful trial run?
A. KeralaB. Andhra Pradesh
C. Karnataka D. Assam
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9Who has been appointed as the new Nepalese ambassador to India?
A. Arjun KarkiB. Deep Kumar Upadhyay
C. Nilambar Acharya D. Shankar Prasad Sharma
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10Who is the recipient of K.Veeramani Award for Social Justice 2018?
A. Nitish KumarB. Veera Munusam
C. S T Moorthy D. P S Krishnan
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