Current Affairs 2019-01-24 - Questions (Section-1)
1How many Indians won the prestigious Pravasi Bharatiya Samman Award?
A. 3B. 4
C. 5 D. 7
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2India placed __________ in the world's most innovative countries according to the Bloomberg 2019 Innovative Index.
A. 21stB. 66th
C. 32nd D. 54th
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3Indian Africa Field Training Exercise (IAFTX)-2019 was conducted in which city?
A. KolkataB. Mumbai
C. Pune D. New Delhi
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4Indian and Japanese Coast Guards undertake disaster control exercise in which of the following city?
A. OsakaB. Kawasaki
C. Yokohama D. Kolkata
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5ISRO will launch Microsat-R a military imaging satellite into space on 24th January 2019. The total weight of the staellite is;
A. 122 kgB. 130 kg
C. 102 kg D. 94 kg
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6Manipur, Meghalaya and Tripura celebrate their 42nd statehood day on __________.
A. January 21B. January 22
C. January 23 D. January 24
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7Name the Indian tennis player who won the International Tennis Federation's (ITF) 25,000-dollar Women's tournament in Singapore.
A. Karman Kaur ThandiB. Ankita Raina
C. Rujutha Bhosale D. Nirupama Rao
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8Tamil Nadu's "Jallikattu" held in __________, has entered the world record for the maximum number of bulls released into the sport arena.
A. PudukottaiB. Avaniayapuram
C. Alanganallur D. Palamedu
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9The Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose museum has inagurated in which city?
A. HyderabadB. Kolkata
C. Pune D. New Delhi
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10The theme of National Girl Child Day 2019 was;
A. Innovating for girls' educationB. With Her: A Skilled Girl Force
C. EmPOWER Girls: Before, during and after crises D. Empowering Girls for a Brighter Tomorrow
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11Uttar Pradesh government announced a monthly pension of __________ rupees to the destitute women in Varanasi.
A. Rs 1000B. Rs 200
C. Rs 300 D. Rs 500
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12Vice President M. Venkaiah Naidu launched the book 'Universal Brotherhood Through Yoga' in which of the following city?
A. SuratB. Mumbai
C. New Delhi D. Patna
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13Where did Insolvency and Bankruptcy Board of India organise the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Awareness Programme?
A. Pune, MaharashtraB. Vadodara, Gujarat
C. New Delhi, Delhi D. Hyderabad, Telangana
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14Where was the 2nd World Integrated Medicine Forum 2019 held?
A. Tamil NaduB. Andra Pradesh
C. Goa D. Maharashtra
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15Which country successfully tested the Arrow 3 missile system?
A. RussiaB. Israel
C. China D. Brazil
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16Which high court released a movie "72 Hours - Martyr Who Never Died" a movie about Sino-Indian war hero Rifleman Jaswant Sing Rawat?
A. Delhi High CourtB. Bombay High Court
C. Karnataka High Court D. Calcutta High Court
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17Which ministry constituted a committee to study the existing Special Economical Zone(SEZ) policy of India?
A. Ministry of Labour and EmploymentB. Ministry of Corporate Affairs
C. Ministry of Finance D. Ministry of Commerce and Industry
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18Who among the following has conducted the massive coastal defence exercise 'Sea Vigil-2019' to check 26/11-style attacks?
A. Indian Air ForceB. Indian Army
C. Indian Navy D. Indian Coast Guard
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19Who inaugurated the first inter-state bridge over Ravi River in J&K?
A. Piyush GoyalB. Nitin Gadkari
C. Rajnath Singh D. Dr. Harsh Vardhan
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20With which country the Union Cabinet has approved MoU for cooperation on the recruitment of domestic workers?
A. KuwaitB. Bahrain
C. Jordan D. Morocco
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