Current Affairs 2019-01-13 - Questions (Section-1)
1Andhra Pradeshs seventh airport inaugurated at __________.
A. VizianagaramB. Kakinada
C. Eluru D. Orvakallu
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2India's longest single lane steel cable suspension bridge was named __________.
A. Mandovi BridgeB. Netravati Bridge
C. Dikhow Bridge D. Byorung Bridge
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3ISRO aims to send human astronauts to space by the year of?
A. 2020B. 2021
C. 2022 D. 2023
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4Name the state that quit from the Ayushman Bharat-Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojna.
A. West BengalB. Uttar Pradesh
C. Madhya Pradesh D. Tamil Nadu
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5This state will host the two-day International Dam Safety conference starting from 13 February 2019.
A. AssamB. Rajasthan
C. Haryana D. Odisha
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6Virat Kohli and __________ has recently received the honorary membership of the Sydney Cricket Ground (SCG).
A. Cheteshwar PujaraB. Shikhar Dhawan
C. K. L. Rahul D. Ravi Shastri
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7Which city is the venue of the 25th edition of Partnership Summit 2019?
A. KolkataB. Mumbai
C. Hyderabad D. Lucknow
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8Which Indian journalist has been appointed president of the Alliance for Media Freedom (AFMF)?
A. Narasimhan RamB. Vineet Jain
C. Shaili Chopra D. Shoma Chaudhury
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9Which municipal corporation has teamed up with NGO under the concept 'Feed the need' to feed the hugry?
A. Tamil NaduB. Kerala
C. Telangana D. Karnataka
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10With which country, the Union cabinet approved an MoU on the Development of Advanced Model Single Window?
A. DenmarkB. France
C. Japan D. Spain
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11With which university did the Telangana-based SR Innovation Exchange (SRiX) company sign an MoU?
A. Cranfield UniversityB. Harvard University
C. Edinberg University D. Cambridge University
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