Current Affairs 2019-01-12 - Questions (Section-1)
1Bill passed by Lok Sabha that aims to remove leprosy as a ground for divorce in five personal laws.
A. Marriage Laws (Amendment) Bill, 2018B. Family Welfare Laws (Amendment) Bill, 2018
C. Personal Laws (Amendment) Bill, 2018 D. Separation Laws (Amendment) Bill, 2018
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2For how many Indian cities, the Environment Ministry launched the National Clean Air Programme?
A. 72B. 85
C. 98 D. 102
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3For which state, Union Cabinet approved Scheduled Tribe (ST) status to 6 communities?
A. OdishaB. Himachal Pradesh
C. Arunachal Pradesh D. Assam
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4How many states signed an agreement for Renukaji Dam Multipurpose Project?
A. 4B. 6
C. 9 D. 12
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5India's 1st Manned Mission Gaganyaan will be launched by __________.
A. March 2020B. December 2021
C. May 2022 D. August 2024
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6Name the bill passed by the Lok Sabha for regulation of the use and application of Deoxyribonucleic Acid (DNA) technology.
A. The DNA Technology (Use and Application) Regulation Bill, 2019B. The DNA Reference Regulation Bill, 2019
C. Science and Technology Applications Regulation Bill, 2019 D. Bio-Information Usage Regulation Bill, 2019
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7Name the Chairman of NSE who resigned his post recently.
A. Sanjeev BubnaB. Anup Kumar
C. Sudhirajan D. Ashok Chawla
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8Name the person who was appointed as President of Alliance for Media Freedom (AFMF).
A. Vikram PandeyB. Rudhramoorthy S
C. Binu Joseph D. Narasimhan Ram
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9Polavaram project of which state entered the Guinness book of world record by pouring 32,315.5 cubic meters of concrete non-stop in 24 hours.
A. BiharB. Andhra Pradesh
C. Rajasthan D. Madhya Pradesh
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10Recently, Ministry of External Affairs and Observer Research Foundation organised the 4th Edition of Raisina Dialogue in New Delhi with the theme of;
A. A World Reorder: New Geometries; Fluid Partnerships; Uncertain OutcomesB. The New Normal: Multilateralism with Multipolarity
C. Managing Disruptive Transitions: Ideas, Institutions and Idioms D. Asia: Regional and Global Connectivity
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11Su Tseng-chang was appointed as the Prime Minister of which country?
A. MongoliaB. Singapore
C. Taiwan D. Philippines
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12The Union Cabinet approved the setting up of 3 AIIMS in which of the following states?
A. Maharashtra & KarnatakaB. Rajasthan & West Bengal
C. J&K and Gujarat D. Assam & Uttar Pradesh
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13This country tops in the EIU Democracy Index 2018.
A. IcelandB. Sweden
C. Norway D. Denmark
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14What is the GDP rate of India for the year 2018-19 as per the report of World Bank?
A. 7.2%B. 7.3%
C. 7.4% D. 7.5%
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15What is the threshold limit of GST registration according to 32nd Meeting of GST Council?
A. 40 lakhB. 30 Lakh
C. 35 Lakh D. 20 Lakh
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16Where was the 25th edition of Partnership Summit 2019?
A. PatnaB. Pune
C. Mumbai D. Hyderabad
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17Which IIT has decided to launch 6-month Artificial Intelligence course recently?
A. IIT BombayB. IIT Kharagpur
C. IIT Madras D. IIT Bengaluru
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18Which of the following allowed tokenization of debit, credit and prepaid card transactions to enhance the safety of digital payments ecosystem in India?
A. Ministry of FinanceB. SEBI
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19Who among the following was conferred with the ICSI Lifetime Award?
A. NadarB. Adi Godrej
C. Kumar Mangalam Birla D. Uday Kotak
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20Who has been named as India's Chef de Mission for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics?
A. Birendra Prasad BaishyaB. Abhinav Bindra
C. Sukhdev Sharma D. Brij Bhushan Saran Singh
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