Current Affairs 2019-01-11 - Questions (Section-1)
1According to the Henley Passport Index, India ranks which position as the world's most travel-friendly passport?
A. 79B. 81
C. 68 D. 52
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2Nicolas Maduro was sworn in as the President of __________.
A. UkraineB. Mexico
C. Venezuela D. Argentina
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3Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated the 'Gangajal Project' in __________.
A. VaranasiB. Lucknow
C. Agra D. Udaipur
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4Recently SEBI has constituted a "Research Advisory" committee to undertake research relevant for development and regulation of capital markets. It was headed by;
A. Munshi Golam MustafaB. Sankar De
C. Prabhat Mandal D. Ashoke Sen
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5Sydney and Brisbane chosen to host $15 million 24 team ATP Cup in which year?
A. 2048B. 2030
C. 2024 D. 2020
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6The 1st India-Central Asia Dialogue was held in which of the following country?
A. GeorgiaB. Azerbaijan
C. Kyrgyzstan D. Uzbekistan
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7The exemption limit of which tax is doubled to give relief to small businesses.
A. Goods and Service TaxB. Capital Gains Tax
C. Corporate Tax D. Value Added Tax
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8The First 'National Consultation on Child Protection' for 2019 was held in __________.
A. New DelhiB. Hyderabad
C. Chennai D. Bengaluru
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9The Union Government has launched the Web- Wonder Women campaign in collaboration with which human rights organization?s
A. Breakthrough IndiaB. AWID
C. Nirbhaya Vahini D. Manab Adhikar Sangram Samiti
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10This is set to become the first Indian state to roll out Universal Basic Income (UBI)?
A. BiharB. Kerala
C. Sikkim D. Andra Pradesh
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11This organisation set up CARE to strengthen Research Publication.
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12Union Minister Nitin Gadkari gave an approval to Iran's Pasargad Bank to open a branch in __________.
A. PuneB. New Delhi
C. Kolkata D. Mumbai
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13What will be the position of India in Consumer Market By 2030?
A. 5thB. 3rd
C. 8th D. 12th
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14Which among the company join hands with Bharti AXA General Insurance recently?
A. IRCTCB. Paytm
C. BSNL D. Air India
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15Which will be the 1st Island to operate seaplanes?
A. Havelock IslandB. Viper Island
C. Andaman and Nicobar Islands D. Baratang Island
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16Who has been appointed as Director General, Fire Services, Civil Defence and Home Guards?
A. Rakesh AsthanaB. Alok Verma
C. Bhim Sain Bassi D. Ranjit Sinha
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17Who has been named as the 2018 Confederation of African Football Player of the Year?
A. Sergio RamosB. Roberto Firmino
C. Cristiano Ronaldo D. Mohamed Salah
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18Who has been ranked World's top woman boxer by the International Boxing Association (AIBA) in the 48kg category?
A. Pinki JangraB. Mary Kom
C. Hanna Okhota D. Manisha Maun
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19Who inagurated India's Longest Single Lane Steel Cable Bridge, recently?
A. Shri Pawan Kumar ChamlingB. Shri Pema Khandu
C. Shri Nitish Kumar D. Shri Kiren Rijiju
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20World Hindi Day is celebrated on which date?
A. January 08B. January 09
C. January 10 D. January 11
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