Current Affairs 2019-01-04 - Questions (Section-1)
1Name of the IIT professor who was honoured with the National Geospatial Award for Excellence -2017.
A. Soumya Ranjan SahooB. Amrita Roy
C. Debarati Chatterjee D. Jayanta Kumar Ghosh
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2The 44th Global Summit of the International Advertising Association was held in __________.
A. ChennaiB. Kochi
C. Bengaluru D. Hyderabad
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3The Union Cabinet approved a MoU between India and this country on Cooperation in the area of Cyber Security.
A. BritainB. Iran
C. Morocco D. Denmark
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4The Union Home Ministry renamed Allahabad as;
A. PrayagrajB. Trilingadesa
C. Khambhat D. Belagavi
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5The World's 1st female who amputee to scale Antarctica's Highest Peak is;
A. Premlata AgarwalB. Arunima Sinha
C. Bachendri Pal D. Anshu Jamsenpa
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6This city aims for 7 star rating under the Swachh Bharat Mission.
A. MysuruB. Chennai
C. Hyderabad D. Mangalore
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7This ministry imposed an anti-dumping duty for 18 months on a Chinese synthetic rubber, recently.
A. Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium EnterprisesB. Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers' Welfare
C. Ministry of External Affairs D. Ministry of Commerce and Industry
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8What is the theme of the 106th edition of Indian Science Congress?
A. Reaching the Unreached through Science and TechnologyB. Science and Technology for Human Development
C. Innovations in Science & Technology D. Future India: Science & Technology
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9What type of improved aircraft did the Indian Air Force (IAF) ask Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) to make after getting clearance from military airworthiness certifier CEMILAC?
A. MiG-29 fighter aircraftB. Su-30MKI Aircraft
C. Light Combat Aircraft D. HA-31 Basant aircraft
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10Which Atomic Power Station set world record for longest uninterrupted operation?
A. Kudankulam Atomic Power StationB. Kaiga Atomic Power Station
C. Kakrapar Atomic Power Station D. Narora Atomic Power Station
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11Which banks signs a bancassurance pact with SBI Life Insurance to offer a comprehensive financial planning solution to its customers?
A. Punjab National BankB. IDBI Bank
C. Corporation Bank D. Syndicate Bank
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12Which football team have been awarded the Legion of Honour in the New Year's honours list?
A. FranceB. Brazil
C. Denmark D. US
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13Which life insurance uses WhatsApp to deliver policy, renewal premium?
A. SBI Life InsuranceB. Bharti AXA Life Insurance
C. Axis Life Insurance D. HDFC Life Insurance
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14Which of the following become the country's largest asset management company?
A. HDFC Mutual FundB. ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund
C. SBI Mutual Fund D. Reliance Mutual Fund
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15Which state CM launched a KALIA scheme for farmers?
A. GujaratB. Punjab
C. Odisha D. Haryana
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16Who has been appointed as the new Chief Justice of Pakistan?
A. Mian Saqib NisarB. Latif Khosa
C. Anwar Zaheer Jamali D. Asif Saeed Khan Khosa
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17Who signed an Asia Reassurance Initiative Act Into Law recently?
A. Emmanuel MacronB. Xi Jinping
C. Donald J. Trump D. Vladimir Putin
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18Who will allows Custodial Services In Commodity Market?
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