Current Affairs 2019-01-01 - Questions (Section-1)
1An exhibition titled 'Dandi Yatra' was inaugurated in __________.
A. SuratB. Patna
C. Kolkata D. New Delhi
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2Deen Dayal Veterinary University proposed to set up the first goat fertility lab in the state of __________ under Rastriya Krashi Vikas Yojna at the cost of Rs 22 crore.
A. OdishaB. Jharkhand
C. Assam D. Uttar Pradesh
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3High-Level Committee approved an assistance of Rs 1,146.12 crore from the National Disaster Response Fund (NDRF) to this state, recently.
A. Tamil NaduB. Maharshtra
C. Bihar D. Rarasthan
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4How many Indian-origin women scientists awarded by Australian government under Superstar of STEM initiative?
A. 8B. 5
C. 3 D. 4
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5Name of the Portuguese airline which introduced single-use plastic free flight on 29 December 2018.
A. White AirwaysB. Orbest
C. Hi Fly D. EuroAtlantic
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6Name the Indian player who became the 1st ever player to take 20 catches in a Test series.
A. Sadiq KirmaniB. Syed Kimani
C. Naren Tamhane D. Rishabh Pant
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7Name the Veteran actor who passed away in Canada at the age of 81.
A. Shakti KapoorB. Kader Khan
C. Amrish Puri D. Johnny Lever
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8Prime Minister Narendra Modi attended the One District, One Product Regional Summit in __________.
A. GhaziabadB. Kanpur
C. Ahmedabad D. Varanasi
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9SBI Life Insurance join hands with this bank for bancassurance partnership recently.
A. Punjab National BankB. Allahabad Bank
C. Corporation Bank D. Andhra Bank
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10Which Asian country has recently submitted its 6th National Report (NR6) to the Convention on Biological Diversity?
A. IndiaB. Bhutan
C. Malaysia D. Israel
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11Which of the following pension management software was launched by Narendra Modi for pensioners of telecom department?
A. System for Authority and Management of PensionB. Systematic Allocation of Monthly Pension
C. Scheme for All-India Management of Pension D. System for Automated Management of Pension
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12Which state government is going to create a spiritual department)
A. AssamB. Rajasthan
C. Madhya Pradesh D. Odisha
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13Which Union Ministry has released a booklet titled "A Handbook for Students on cyber Safety" to inform the school children about the different aspects of cyber safety?
A. Ministry of Home AffairsB. Ministry of Information Technology
C. Ministry of Women and Child Development D. Ministry of Human Resource Development
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14Who among the following took the command of the Indian Army's Gajraj Corps on 30 December 2018?
A. Lt Gen Gurpal Singh SanghaB. Lt Gen Manoj Pande
C. Lt Gen Ranbir Singh D. Lt Gen Manoj Mukund Naravane
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15Who was appointed the next Ambassador of India to the Republic of Liberia on 28th December 2018?
A. Mayuri SinghB. Y.K. Sailas Thangal
C. S.K. Sinthya Thomas D. Manoj Prathap
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