Current Affairs 2018-12-22 - Questions (Section-1)
1All-India annual conference of the state Directors General and Inspectors General of Police will be held in __________.
A. KeralaB. Goa
C. Gujarat D. Maharashtra
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2For which country, US has regulator Federation of Aviation Administration (FAA) retained the highest aviation safety rank?
A. SpainB. Canada
C. India D. Turkey
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3How many technology centres have launched by the MSME Ministry recently?
A. 8B. 16
C. 20 D. 25
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4How many workers have been selected for PM Shram Awards 2017?
A. 50B. 40
C. 30 D. 20
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5Indian player, Anup Kumar announced his retirement on 19 December 2018. He belongs to which sports?
A. BadmintonB. Hockey
C. Cricket D. Kabaddi
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6Name the app launched by the Civil aviation ministry and Airport Authority of India (AAI) ahead of Global Aviation Summit.
A. AAV 2019B. AIR 2k19
C. GAS 2019 D. FLY 2k19
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7Name the company who has partnered with self-drive rental car firm Zoomcar to offer the electric version in Pune?
A. SkodaB. Ford Motor
C. Mahindra & Mahindra D. Tata Motors
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8NASA's first flight to moon that marked its 50thanniversary is;
A. Apollo 8B. Apollo 12
C. Colombia 2 D. Colombia 11
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9National Balrang-2018 was started in;
A. BhopalB. Patna
C. Jaipur D. Ahmedabad
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10President's rule is set to be imposed on which state, based on union cabinet's ruling and the governor's report?
A. Arunachal PradeshB. Jammu and Kashmir
C. Rajasthan D. Meghalaya
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11Qualcomm won a patent dispute case against Apple, which could lead to a ban on sales of iPhones in which of the following country?
A. GermanyB. Italy
C. Poland D. Denmark
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12The first US State which have female majority in its legislature is;
A. IllinoisB. Nevada
C. Washington D. New York
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13This state plans to set up Herbal Corporation to promote Ayurveda and herbal medicines in the state.
A. HaryanaB. Andra Pradesh
C. Tamilnadu D. Kerala
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14What is the name of the new autonomous body that has been recommended by NITI Aayog's 'Strategy for New India @75'?
A. Arbitration Court of IndiaB. Arbitration Committee of India
C. Arbitration Council of India D. Arbitration Panel of India
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15Where was the International Training Centre for Operational Oceanography (ITCOocean) Complex inagurated?
A. ChandigarhB. Jaipur
C. Chennai D. Hyderabad
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16Which company conferred with National Energy Conservation Award 2018 recently?
A. GEESYS TechnologiesB. Aspiration Energy
C. ESCOs D. C.R.I. pumps
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17Which International organization has officially adopted the global framework on International migration?
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18Which ministry developed an Integrated Government Online Training Programme along with the Department of Personnel and Training?
A. Ministry of Labour and EmploymentB. Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs
C. Ministry of Home Affairs D. Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions
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19Which of the following outdoor mural got into Guinness World Records?
A. NatureB. Mother Earth
C. Abandoned and desolate poor woman D. Dreary grain silo
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20Who among the following will lay the foundation of 'Paradip Hyderabad Pipeline Product' Project (PHPL) on 24 December 2018?
A. NarasimhanB. K. Chandrashekar Rao
C. Narendra Modi D. Amit Shah
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