Current Affairs 2018-11-18 - Questions (Section-1)
1For which car company, NGT make Rs.100 crore as penalty?
A. VolkswagenB. Toyota
C. Ford Motor D. Renault
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2International day of tolerance is observed on 16 November with the theme of;
A. Fighting intolerance with local solutionsB. Prospering from Pluralism: Embracing Diversity through Innovation and Collaboration
C. Tolerance is respect, acceptance and appreciation of the rich diversity of our world's cultures D. Fighting intolerance with access to information
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3Ms Nina Tshering La was appointed the next Ambassador of India to which of the following countries?
A. CongoB. Uganda
C. Tanzania D. Rwanda
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4Name of the country which launched the Rogun hydro-electric project with a worth US$ 3.9 billion.
A. KyrgyzstanB. Afghanistan
C. Uzbekistan D. Tajikistan
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5Name of the Indian boy who won the World u-12 open chess championships in Santiago de Compostela, Spain.
A. HarikrishnaB. Abhijeet Gupta
C. Praggnanandhaa D. D.Gukesh
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6RBI imposed fine of Rs 3 crore each on Deutsche Bank and this bank.
A. Punjab National BankB. IndusInd Bank
C. Jammu and Kashmir Bank D. IDBI Bank
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7The 62nd National shooting championships begins in ___________.
A. ThiruvananthapuramB. Cochin
C. Bengaluru D. Chennai
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8Under Swadesh Darshan Scheme, how many projects are inagurated by the Arunachal Pradesh government?
A. 5B. 4
C. 2 D. 3
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9When was the National Press Day celebrated in India?
A. 16th NovemberB. 17th November
C. 18th November D. 19th November
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10Where was the 2018 South Asian Regional Conference on Urban Infrastructure held?
A. KathmanduB. Pokhara
C. New Delhi D. Thimphu
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11Which city is the venue of the 4th edition of Intex South Asia 2018?
A. BangkokB. Colombo
C. Jakarta D. Dhaka
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12Which ministry organised Aadi Mahotsav with the theme 'A Celebration of the Spirit of Tribal Culture, Craft, Cuisine and Commerce'.
A. Ministry of Tribal AffairsB. Ministry of Human Resource Development
C. Ministry of External Affairs D. Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises
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13Which state government unveiled its new emblem for official use?
A. RajasthanB. Kerala
C. Andhra Pradesh D. Punjab
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14Who constituted the Himalayan State Regional Council in New Delhi?
C. National Development Council D. Ministry of Human Resource Development
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15Who won the Tata Steel's Chess India Blitz Tournament in Kolkata?
A. Vladimir KramnikB. Hikaru Nakamura
C. Levon Aronian D. Viswanathan Anand
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