Current Affairs 2018-11-15 - Questions (Section-1)
1Ashish Chowdhary was appointed as the operation head of this company?
A. AmazonB. Microsoft
C. Apple D. Samsung
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2BharatMatrimony announced whom as its brand ambassador?
A. Amitabh BachchanB. Mahendra Singh Dhoni
C. Akshay Kumar D. Hrithik Roshan
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3India signs a MoU with which country on affordable approaches to cancer?
A. RussiaB. UK
C. Germany D. Japan
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4Name the India's restoration project which has won the 2018 UNESCO Asia-Pacific award for conservation in Award of Distinction category?
A. Gateways of Gohad FortB. Haveli Dharampura
C. LAMO center D. Royal Opera House
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5The government will release a Rs 75 coin to commemorate the __________ anniversary of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose hoisting the Tricolour at Port Blair.
A. 75thB. 60th
C. 55th D. 50th
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6This country has voted against a United Nations General Assembly draft resolution on the use of death penalty.
A. BrazilB. Iran
C. Japan D. India
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7This social media starts #PowerOf18 campaign to boost youth engagement for 2019 polls, recently.
A. TwitterB. Facebook
C. LinkedIn D. Google
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8When was the World Kindness Day celebrated?
A. November 10B. November 11
C. November 12 D. November 13
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9Which country become the world's second-biggest emitter of carbon dioxide from the power sector after China?
A. South KoreaB. US
C. India D. Germany
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10Which country has been named the safest country to visit, according to a report by 'Which? Travel', a travel magazine?
A. TurkeyB. France
C. Iceland D. Mexico
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11Which country won the 2018 Fed Cup Trophy for the 6th time in eight years, in Czech Republic?
A. United StatesB. Czech Republic
C. South Korea D. Japan
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12Which minister launched NCDC's new scheme to promote young entrepreneurs in cooperatives?
A. Agriculture MinisterB. Defence Minister
C. External Affairs Minister D. Finance Minister
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13Which State government is to provide free smartphones to all the 6 lakh women self-help groups under its Mission Shakti programme?
A. OdishaB. Haryana
C. Maharashtra D. Uttarakhand
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14Who agreed to lift sanctions against Eritrea after nine years?
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15Who among the following was named FIFA World Player of the Year?
A. Andres IniestaB. Philippe Coutinho
C. Cristiano Ronaldo D. Lionel Messi
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16Who has been appointed as the cheif Product Officer of Bharti Airtel?
A. Abhishek SharmaB. Rajesh Singh Chaudhary
C. Gopal Vittal D. Adarsh Nair
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17Who has been honoured with the "Lifetime Achievement Award" at the 6th Indian Social Work Congress in New Delhi?
A. Vidhu VincentB. Dr. Martha Farrell
C. Binny Yanga D. Roohi Zuberi
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18Who is appointed as UNICEF India's Youth Ambassador at Asian Games gold medalist?
A. P. V. SindhuB. Dipa Karmakar
C. Hima Das D. Saina Nehwal
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19Who launched the LEAP and ARPIT Programmes For Higher Education faculty?
A. Prakash JavadekarB. Satya Pal Singh
C. Mahendra Nath Pandey D. Upendra Kushwaha
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20Who was appointed as a non-executive director of Vodafone Group?
A. Sanjiv AhujaB. Arpit Mehta
C. Indra Chatterjee D. Pihu Goyal
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