Current Affairs 2018-10-24 - Questions (Section-1)
1M Nageshwar Rao was appointed as a Director of this department recently.
A. CIDB. Intelligence Bureau
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2Nishtha Dudeja won the Miss Deaf Asia 2018. She hailed from which state?
A. TelanaganaB. Punjab
C. Odisha D. Haryana
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3October 24 was observed as the __________.
A. World Development Information DayB. Zero Discrimination Day
C. World Poetry Day D. World Meteorological Day
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4Paul Biya elected as the President of which country?
A. NigeriaB. Cameroon
C. Guinea D. Gambia
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5The 4th edition of NITI Lecture Series in New Delhi is organised by;
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6The first trilateral meeting among India, Afghanistan and Iran of the Coordination Council of the Chabahar Agreement was held in __________.
A. New DelhiB. Istanbul
C. Tehran D. Mersin
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7The only Indian company in the top 10 firms to Get Foreign Labour Certification is;
A. HimalayasB. ITC Limited
C. TATA Group D. TCS
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8US-based Dalit writer who has won the 2018 Shakti Bhatt First Book Prize?
A. Deepak UnnikrishnanB. Aanchal Malhotra
C. Sujatha Gidla D. Sanam Maher
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9What is the theme of 2018 United Nations Day?
A. Freedom FirstB. Traditions of Peace and Non-violence
C. Potential in Diversity D. Take a Stand Against Ageism
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10Where is the headquarters of Moody's Investors Service?
A. New YorkB. London
C. Los Angeles D. Chicago
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11Which company has hired former British Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg to lead its global affairs and communications team?
A. InstagramB. Amazon
C. Google D. Facebook
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12Who among the following has been conferred with the Seoul Peace Prize for 2018?
A. Rachel BrathenB. Bunker Roy
C. Jeff Kurtzman D. Narendra Modi
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13Who inagurated the world's longest sea bridge recently?
A. Jiang ZeminB. Xi Jinping
C. Fan Bingbing D. Li Keqiang
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14Who is appointed as the next Editor of 'The Hindu'?
A. Suresh NambathB. Naresh Kumar
C. Dinesh Karthik D. Nithish Kant
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15Who of the following won the MotoGP world champion for the fifth time recently?
A. Marc MarquezB. Cal Crutchlow
C. Valentino Rossi D. Johann Zarco
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16Who presented the prize for the winners of South Asia Regional WASH Innovation?
A. Pullela GopichandB. Pankaj Advani
C. Sachin Tendulkar D. MS Dhoni
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17Who will receive the first World Agriculture Prize?
A. Vikram SarabhaiB. Mina Swaminatan
C. M.S.Swaminathan D. Verghese Kurien
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18World Trauma Day was observed on which day?
A. 17th OctoberB. 20th Octobere
C. 21st October D. 23rd October
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