Current Affairs 2018-09-28 - Questions (Section-1)
128 September is celebrated as a __________.
A. Rose DayB. Alzheimer's Day
C. World Ozone Day D. World Rabies Day
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2As per the report of world Bank's "A Glass Half Full: The Promise of Regional Trade in South Asia", India's trade in goods with South Asia is;
A. USD 52 billionB. USD 54 billion
C. USD 62 billion D. USD 75 billion
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3Asian Yoga Federation organised the 8th Asian Yoga Sports Championship in __________.
A. DelhiB. Hyderabad
C. Thiruvananthapuram D. Lucknow
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4High Level Meeting on Tuberculosis where addressed in which of the following place?
A. LondonB. Los Angeles
C. New York D. California
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5How many Mou's have been signed between India and Uzbekistan recently?
A. 7B. 2
C. 5 D. 8
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6India ranks __________ on Economic Freedom Index.
A. 82B. 96
C. 105 D. 112
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7Name the company which plans to enter into coconut processing and marketing for helping the farmers.
A. Kohinoor FoodsB. Nestle
C. Campco D. Coffee Day
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8The 13th International Silesian Women's Boxing Championships held in which of the following?
A. Gliwice, PolandB. Geneva, Switzerland
C. Kuala Lampur, Malaysia D. New Delhi, India
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9The government has set up a Lokpal Search Committee under the Chairmanship of former Supreme Court Judge, Justice Ranjana Prakash Desai. How many members are there in the committee?
A. 8B. 10
C. 12 D. 15
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10This Indian institute tops in the Global List Of Best Institutes.
A. University of DelhiB. Indian Institute of Science - Bengaluru
C. Indian Institute of Technology-Bombay D. Indian Institute of Technology-Indore
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11United Nations signed an order of Sustainable Development Framework with this country.
A. NorwayB. Netherland
C. Russia D. India
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12Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu inaugurated a Indian Culinary institute in the state of;
A. KarnatakaB. Manipur
C. Maharashtra D. Andhra Pradesh
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13Which is the host country of 2018 World Tourism Day (WTD)?
A. HungaryB. Qatar
C. Thailand D. Mexico
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14Who is newly appointed as the chief of Border Security Force (BSF)?
A. Prakash DesaiB. K.K.Sharma
C. S.S.Deswal D. Rajni Kant Mishra
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15With which country, India planned to enhance Bilateral Cooperation recently?
A. OmanB. Yeman
C. Indonesia D. Afghanistan
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16YES Bank has partnered with which online financial services company for integration of its chat bot based platform YES mPower BOT?
A. PaytmB.
C. PayPal D. Google Pay
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