Current Affairs 2018-09-16 - Questions (Section-1)
1Bihar government approved a scheme for providing interim relief of __________ rupees to those affected by mob violence and to offer speedy trial of such cases?
A. Rs 4 lakhB. Rs 3 lakh
C. Rs 2 lakh D. Rs 1 lakh
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2Freedom fighter Goura Chandra Mohapatra passed away recently. He belongs to which state?
A. West BengalB. Haryana
C. Gujarat D. Odisha
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3Mahindra & Mahindra (M&M) announced to become a carbon neutral company by which year?
A. 2020B. 2040
C. 2030 D. 2050
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4MC Mary Kom wins __________ at Silesian Open Boxing iIn Poland.
A. GoldB. Silver
C. Bronze D. None of the anove.
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5Ministry of Steel presented Secondary Steel sector awards for the first time in __________.
A. New DelhiB. Pune
C. Hyderabad D. Ahmedabad
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6Reliance Infrastructure has sold its Mumbai city power distribution business to Adani Transmission Limited (ATL) for __________.
A. Rs.18,800 croreB. Rs.20,800 crore
C. Rs.21,500 crore D. Rs.22,300 crore
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7The theme for International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer 2018 was;
A. Save Our Sky: There is a Hole Lot More to Do for Our ChildrenB. Keep Cool and Carry On: The Montreal Protocol
C. Ozone Layer Protection - The Mission Goes on D. Protecting our atmosphere for generations to come
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8This state government has signed an MOU with the centre to implement Ayushman Bharat along with state's Chief Minister's Comprehensive Health Insurance Scheme (CMCHIS).
A. Andra PradeshB. Tamil Nadu
C. Karnataka D. Punjab
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9Which airlines is to recruit Saudi women as co-pilots, for the first time, after lifting the ban against women motorists?
A. Saudia airlinesB. Air Arabia
C. Nesma Airlines D. Flynas
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10Which country became top oil supplier to India in August 2018?
A. IraqB. Saudi Arabia
C. Iran D. Kuwait
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11Which country have lifted the 2018 South Asian Football Federation (SAFF) Cup?
A. NepalB. India
C. Maldives D. Bhutan
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12Which ministry will organise the 2nd edition of 'Paryatan Parv' from September 16 to September 27 2018?
A. Ministry of TourismB. Ministry of Civil Aviation
C. Ministry of Commerce and Industry D. Ministry of Shipping
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13Which state government will distribute over 1 lakh pump sets to double farmer's income by 2022?
A. TelanganaB. Assam
C. Bihar D. Gujarat
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14Who is the head of the committee of harrowing arrest and alleged torture of former space scientist Nambi Narayanan in the 'ISRO spy scandal's?
A. Anupam ShrivastavaB. Dipak Misra
C. D K Jain D. K K Joshwa
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15Who was honoured at the 36th International Board on Books for Young People (IBBY) Congress in Athens?
A. Anushka RavishankarB. Manoj Das
C. Ramendra Kumar D. Shyam Benegal
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