Current Affairs 2018-09-07 - Questions (Section-1)
1Google launched a new search engine for scientists, data journalists. It is called as;
A. GenieKnowsB. Search Encrypt
C. Searchmedica D. Dataset Search
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2How many crores is the total layout of Umbrella Scheme of Integrated Development of Wildlife Habitats for 2017-20?
A. 1731 crB. 1650 cr
C. 1883 cr D. 1921 cr
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3India partners in the 87th Izmir International tradeshow at __________.
A. TurkeyB. Russia
C. Israel D. France
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4India-Sri Lanka joint exercise begins in Sri Lanka recently, it is named as;
A. LAMITYE-2018B. MILAN-2018
C. SLINEX-2018 D. IMCOR-2018
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5NALCO mine bags __________ awards at Mines Environment and Mineral Conservation (MEMC) week.
A. 2B. 5
C. 6 D. 8
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6Name the Gujarati Author and Journalist who passed away recently at the age of 84 years.
A. Chinu ModiB. Suresh Dalal
C. Bhagwati Kumar Sharma D. Saroj Pathak
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7The 6th edition of the biennial Bengaluru Space Expo was inagurated by;
A. Tapan MisraB. Dr.K Sivan
C. A. S. Kiran Kumar D. B. N. Suresh
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8The government of India has doubled the monetary limit upto this amount for filing loan recovery application in the Debt Recovery Tribunals (DRT).
A. 13 lakhB. 15 lakh
C. 18 lakh D. 20 lakh
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9The National Green Tribunal (NGT) has formed a monitoring committee to prepare a time-bound action plan on groundwater recharge in Delhi. Who is the head of the committee?
A. Bandaru DattatreyaB. P Kumar
C. S P Garg D. Kirit Somaiya
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10This country plans to participate in the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) after 9-years boycott.
A. MalaysiaB. India
C. Greece D. Iceland
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11What is the theme of First 2-day India Idea Summit held in Mumbai?
A. US and India connecting our futureB. Britain our future
C. India connecting our future D. India - Making bright Future
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12Which Indian metro has become the second-most unaffodable transport network in the world after Hanoi in Vietnam?
A. DelhiB. Kolkata
C. Bengaluru D. Gurugram
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13Which state cabinet has recommended the dissolution of the State Legislative Assembly?
A. RajasthanB. Telangana
C. Haryana D. Pondicherry
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14Who among the following clinced the gold medal in ISSF World Championship?
A. Rahi SarnobatB. Saurabh Chaudhary
C. Anisa Sayyed D. Manu Bhaker
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15Who inagurated the Defence & Homeland Security Expo and Conference - 2018 in New Delhi?
A. Shri Rajnath SinghB. Smt Nirmala Sitharaman
C. Shri Venkaiah Naidu D. Smt Maneka Gandhi
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16Who inaugurated India's first Global Mobility summit 'MOVE' in New Delhi?
A. Smt Sushma SwarajB. Shri Arun Jaitley
C. Shri Rajnath Singh D. Shri Narendra Modi
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