Current Affairs 2018-09-03 - Questions (Section-1)
1ICICI increased its benchmark lending rates by how many poiints?
A. 0.11%B. 0.13%
C. 0.15% D. 0.20%
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2Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) is gearing to conduct how many missions for the next 7 months?
A. 19B. 15
C. 17 D. 21
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3Nagaland government has declared which of the following as the 30th elephant reserve of the country?
A. Ntangki National ParkB. Singphan wildlife
C. Puliebadze Wildlife Sanctuary D. Rangapahar Reserve Forest
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4RBI canceled the licence of this bank for not having adequate capital and earning prospect.
A. Central Co-operative BankB. Bhilwara Mahila Urban Co-operative Bank
C. Punjab National Bank D. Vijaya Bank
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5Sakshi Choudhary won the __________ medal at the World Youth Boxing in Budapest.
A. GoldB. Silver
C. Bronze D. None of the Above
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6The Indian govt plans to collect the data on __________ for first time in 2021 Census.
C. SC D. Upper-class Muslims
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7The Minister for Women & Child Development inaugurated the 'Krishna Kutir' in which of the following state?
A. KeralaB. Telangana
C. Andra Pradesh D. Uttar Pradesh
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8The World coconut day is observed on;
A. Aug 31stB. Sep 1st
C. Sep 2nd D. Sep 3rd
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9This state government will organise "Mil -Banche", an interactive programme between schools and society.
A. MaharashtraB. Andra Pradesh
C. Madhya Pradesh D. Rajasthan
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10Vedanta Resources Plc appointed whom as the CEO of the company?
A. Sunil DuggalB. Pawan Munjal
C. Dinesh Paliwal D. Srinivasan Venkatakrishnan
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11Who has been elected as the new chairman of the Indian Banks Association (IBA)?
A. Shyam SrinivasanB. O P Bhatt
C. K R Kamnath D. Sunil Mehta
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12Who has been named as the Most Valuable Player of 2018 Asian Games?
A. Kunhu MohammedB. Sudha Singh
C. Rikako Ikee D. Ajay Khare
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13Who has been selected for Dr B.C. Roy National Award for 2018 as Eminent Medical Person of the Year?
A. Basant Kumar MishraB. Indira Hinduja
C. Siva Ramakrishna D. Kamini Rao
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14Who is crowned as the new Yamaha Fascino Miss Diva - Miss Universe India 2018?
A. Carol GraciasB. Padma Lakshmi
C. Nehal Chudasama D. Dia Mirza
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15Who was sworn in as the first woman chief justice in Pakistan's Balochistan High Court?
A. Tahira SafdarB. Maria Hassan
C. Riffat Quraishi D. Asifa Ulfah
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16Who wrote a book "Moving On, Moving Forward - A Year in Office" which is released by Prime Minister Narendra Modi?
A. Hamid AnsariB. Venkaiah Naidu
C. Sushma Swaraj D. L. K. Advani
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