Current Affairs Business - Questions (Section-1)
26NPPA controls the prices of pharmaceutical drugs in India. NPPA stands for _______.
A. National Pharmaceutical Pricing AuthorityB. National Product Pricing Authority
C. National Pharmaceutical Pricing Association D. National Product Pricing Association
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27Which Bank won the Aegis Graham Bell Award 2018 in 'Innovation in Data Science' category?
A. ICICI BankB. Kotak Mahindra Bank
C. IDBI Bank D. Yes Bank
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28Which company received the Aegis Graham Bell Award 2019 under Innovation in Data Science, in Panaji, Goa, on 4th February 2019?
A. Cando AutomationB. Uniphore Software Systems
C. BlueChip Technological Solutions D. Ubisoft Technologies
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29Which project has been launched by Union Government to study Apparel Consumption in India?
A. India MeasureB. India Size
C. India Apparel D. India Outfit
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30Who signed a loan agreement for Rs 5,000 crore with State Bank of India?
A. NTPC LimitedB. BHEL
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