Current Affairs Business - Questions (Section-1)
61Name the company which has partnered with Ola recently.
A. BirdB. Uber
C. Vogo D. Spin
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62Name the company who has partnered with self-drive rental car firm Zoomcar to offer the electric version in Pune?
A. SkodaB. Ford Motor
C. Mahindra & Mahindra D. Tata Motors
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63Nilanjan Roy was sworn as the CFO of this company.
A. Tech MahindraB. Wipro
C. Infosys D. IBM
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64The British Telecommunication firm which plans to set up a research centre in Bengaluru?
A. Verizon CommunicationsB. Global Telecom
C. Mobilink D. Telefonica
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65With which company, Ministry of Rural Development signed MoU for training rural youth for skill development?
A. ITCB. Maruti Suzuki
C. Ashok Leyland D. TATA
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