Biology - Questions (Section-1)
49Monocot root differs from dicot root in having
A. open vascular bundlesB. scattered vascular bundles
C. well developed pith D. radially arranged vascular bundles
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50Night blindness is cause by lack of which vitamin?
A. Vitamin AB. Vitamin B
C. Vitamin C D. Vitamin D
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51Norepinephrine increases
A. respirationB. urine production
C. saliva production D. blood pressure
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52On which of the following plants did Gregor Mendal perform his classical experiment?
A. GramB. Maize
C. Pea D. Wheat
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53Photosynthesis is a process
A. reductive and exergonicB. reductive and catabolic
C. reductive, endergonic and catabolic D. reductive, endergonic and anabolic
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54Pigmentation of skin is due to
A. lymphocytesB. monocytes
C. leucocytes D. melanocytes
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