Biology - Questions (Section-1)
13Most highly intelligent mammals are
A. whalesB. dolphins
C. elephants D. kangaroos
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14Photo-oxidation is
A. photorespirationB. photolysis
C. light and oxygen induced breakdown D. All of the above
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15Plant development is influenced by
A. quality of light onlyB. quality and quantity of light
C. quality and duration of light D. quality, quantity and duration of light
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16Plants absorb most part of water needed by them through their
A. embryonic zoneB. growing point
C. root hairs D. zone of elongation
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17Process of cell division can take place by
A. heterosisB. fusion
C. mitosis D. None of these
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18Prokaryotic cells lack
A. nucleolusB. nuclear membrane
C. membrane bound by organelles D. All of these
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