Basic General Knowledge - Questions (Section-9)
25What is the function of a dynamo?
A. To convert heat energy into light energyB. To convert light energy into heat energy
C. To convert mechanical energy into electrical energy D. To convert electrical energy into mechanical energy
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26What is the population density of Kerala?
A. 819/sq. kmB. 602/sq. km
C. 415/sq. km D. 500/sq. km
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27What is the population density of Manipur?
A. 107/sq. kmB. 207/sq. km
C. 307/sq. km D. 407/sq. km
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28What is the purpose of 'United Nations Conference on Trade and Development' (UNCTAD)?
A. Promotes International Trade with a view to accelerate economic growth of developing countriesB. Promotes International Monetary co-operation & expansion of International Trade
C. Set rules for World Trade D. None of the above
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29What is the range of missile 'Akash'?
A. 4 kmB. 25 km
C. 500 m to 9 km D. 150 km
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30When and where was weightlifting introduced in Olympics?
A. 1986 at AthensB. 1988 at Seoul
C. 1924 at St. Louis D. 1908 at London
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