Basic General Knowledge - Questions (Section-8)
37The term used to describe money that flows into a country to take advantage of high rates of interest is called
A. hot moneyB. hard sector
C. hard currency D. None of the above
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38The unit of energy in MKS system is
A. voltB. erg
C. ohm D. joule
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39To which of the following country Olympic Airways belong?
A. FranceB. Greece
C. Hong Kong D. Indonesia
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40Todar Mal was
A. revenue minister in the court of AkbarB. one of the nine gems in the court of Akbar
C. known for his reforms in policies of land revenue during Akbar's reign D. All of the above
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41UNO Day is on
A. 20th JulyB. 24th October
C. 14th November D. 12th February
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42Velocity of wind is measured by
A. speedometerB. tachometer
C. anemometer D. audiometer
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