Basic General Knowledge - Questions (Section-8)
31The three abundant elements in the earth's crust are aluminium, oxygen and silicon. The correct order of their abundance is
A. oxygen, aluminium, siliconB. aluminium, silicon, oxygen
C. oxygen, silicon, aluminium D. silicon, oxygen, aluminium
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32The world's largest international organisation and a successor to the League of Nations is
C. UNICEF D. None of the above
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33To which country did the first Secretary-General of the UN belong?
A. AustriaB. Sweden
C. Burma D. Norway
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34Tomb of Vasco-da-Gama is situated at
A. Chittorgarh (Rajasthan)B. Kochi (Kerala)
C. Coimbatore (Tamil Nadu) D. Durgapur (West Bengal)
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35War of the Roses was
A. civil war in EnglandB. religious-cum-political war between the Lutherans Catholics in Germany
C. war between Syrian and Roman forces D. None of the above
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36Weight of an object put in a satellite orbiting in space around the earth is
A. the same as on the earthB. slightly more than that on the earth
C. less than that on the earth D. reduced to zero
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