Basic General Knowledge - Questions (Section-8)
19The term used in billiards are
A. blocking, held ball, holding, jump ball, pivotB. target, field, flight, ballsege
C. auxiliary point system, rabbit punch, break, cut D. blank line, break, bolting, cannon, cue, hazard, in-oft
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20The third highest nation award given for distinguished service in any field is
A. Padma VibhushanB. Padma Bhushan
C. Padma Shri D. Bharat Ratna
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21The total number of Judges of the International Court of Justice is
A. 10B. 12
C. 15 D. 18
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22The trophies and cups awarded for cricket are
A. McDowell's Challenge cup and World cupB. Federation cup
C. Moin-ud-Dowla cup and B. C. Gupta cup D. None of the above
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23The velocity of light was first measured by
A. EinsteinB. Newton
C. Romer D. Galileo
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24Vir Chakra (a medal) is made up of
A. bronzeB. gold gilt
C. standard silver D. None of the above
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