Basic General Knowledge - Questions (Section-8)
67The term of office of a Judge of the International Court of Justice is
A. five yearsB. six years
C. nine years D. ten years
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68The trophy given for exemplary conduct displayed by an athlete during the Olympic games is
A. Mohammad Toher TrophyB. Count Alberto Bonacossa Trophy
C. Tokyo Trophy D. None of the above
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69Toxin is a poisonous substance produce by
A. some higher plantsB. certain animals
C. pathogenic bacteria D. All of the above
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70Tripura is surrounded by ____ in the east
A. AssamB. Mizoram
C. both (a) and (b) D. Bangladesh
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71UNESCO (United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural Organisation) was established in
A. 1919B. 1957
C. 1945 D. 1946
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72Vedanthangal Bird Sanctuary at Tamil Nadu has reserves of
A. wild ass, wolf, nilgai, chinkaraB. important bird sanctuary
C. pantha, chital, sloth bear, wolf D. elephant, deer, wild boar, crocodile, crangetic dolphin
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