Basic General Knowledge - Questions (Section-7)
43The national flag was adopted by the Constituent Assembly of India on
A. August 15, 1947B. July 22, 1947
C. January 26, 1950 D. January 2, 1950
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44The playground of baseball is known as
A. courtB. diamond
C. ring D. pitch
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45The regional economic commissions of the Economic and social Council (UNO) are
A. ECE (Economic Commission of Europe) and ESCAP (Economic and Social Commission for Asia)B. ECLA (Economic Commission for Latin America) and ECA (Economic Commission for Africa)
C. ECWA (Economic Commission for Western Asia) and ECLA D. All of the above
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46The sacred text of Confucianism is
A. The TripitakaB. The Analects
C. Quran D. no specific text
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47The SI unit of ___ is named after Andre Marie Ampere.
A. powerB. potential difference
C. electric current D. energy
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48The state having maximum cities is
A. Uttar PradeshB. West Bengal
C. Madhya Pradesh D. Kerala
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