Basic General Knowledge - Questions (Section-5)
43The chief of Air Staff is assisted by
A. Vice-chief of the Air StaffB. Deputy-chief of the Air Staff
C. Air Officer Incharge Administration D. All of the above
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44The corps of Military Police central school is situated at
A. BangaloreB. West Bengal
C. Trimulgherry D. Secunderabad
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45The country's first indigenously built missile boat was
A. INS VibhutiB. INS Vipul
C. INS Savitri D. INS Shakti
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46The energy of food is measured in
A. KelvinB. calories
C. bushel D. None of the above
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47The first launch of the missile 'Trishul' was made in
A. February, 1988B. May, 1989
C. June, 1990 D. September, 1995
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48The first permanent Indian oceanographic station, 'Dakshin Gangotry' during Antarctic Expedition, was set up in
A. April/March 1984B. Dec. 1982/Jan 1983
C. Nov. 1985/Feb 1986 D. Dec. 1988/March 1989
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