Basic General Knowledge - Questions (Section-4)
49Oxygen was independently discovered by
A. RutherfordB. William Ramsay
C. Joseph Priestley D. Neils Bohr
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50Presently known as the European Union, the EEC was established in
A. 1957B. 1958
C. 1959 D. 1960
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51Rise of the Chinese civilization along the banks of Hawang 40 took place in
A. 2500 - 2000 BCB. 2700 - 2600 BC
C. 2205 - 1122 BC D. 2000 - 1200 BC
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52Steel is more elastic than Rubber because
A. its density is highB. it is a metal
C. ratio of stress to strain is more D. ratio of stress to strain is less
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53Sulphur is not present in
A. iron pyritesB. gypsum
C. coal D. chlorapatite
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54The 2003 Right Livelihood Honorary Award honors ____, when the jury recognizes "for his steadfast work over many years for a world free of nuclear weapons".
A. New Zealand's former Prime Minister David LangeB. Martin Almada (Australia)
C. Martin Green (Australia) D. None of the above
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