Basic General Knowledge - Questions (Section-4)
43People who secretly indulge in anti-national or anti-government activities and help the enemy are called
A. Second columnB. Third column
C. Fourth column D. Fifth column
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44Rabindranath Tagore receive Nobel Prize in 1913 in the field of
A. physicsB. peace
C. literature D. economy
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45Raja Rammohan Roy
A. was a social reformer who tried to eradicate sati, purdah and child marriageB. advocated widow remarriage and woman's education
C. was the founder of the Brahmo Samaj D. All of the above
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46Recently lead free petrol was introduced in our country because
A. they are not needed now as anti-knock agentsB. they tower the efficiency of the engine
C. they cause less pollution D. to reduce the cost of petrol
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47South Africa joined the Commonwealth as 51st member in
A. May 1993B. May 1994
C. May 1995 D. May 1996
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48South Indian temples have
A. tall towers with curving sides that taper at the topB. gateway towers shaped like trapezoidal pyramids
C. both are correct D. None of the above
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