Basic General Knowledge - Questions (Section-4)
67Penicillin was invented by
A. Dr Jonas E. SalkB. Gregory Mendal
C. Paul Ehrlich D. A. Fleming
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68Reproductive cells in human beings are produced
A. in greater numbers for a longer period of time in the maleB. for a longer period in the female than in male
C. in equal number in both sexes D. in greater numbers by the female than by the male
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69Study of earthquakes is known as
A. ecologyB. seismology
C. numismatics D. None of the above
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70Super conductivity is a phenomenon in which the resistance of a substance
A. increases with temperatureB. decreases with temperature
C. does not change with temperature D. becomes zero at very low temperature
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71The 2005 Australian Open Tennis Championship titles for men's and women's singles were won, respectively by
A. Pete Sampras and Steffi GrafB. Rafael Nadal and Venus Williams
C. Andre Agassi and Arantxa Sanchez-Vicario D. Marat Safin and Serena Williams
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72The ancient Olympics Games came to a sudden end when the Roman Emperor Theodosius banned them as paper manifestations. The modern Olympic Games were received after a lapse of nearly
A. ten centuriesB. twelve centuries
C. fifteen centuries D. eighteen centuries
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