Basic General Knowledge - Questions (Section-3)
49Lal Bahadur Shastri is also known as
A. GurujiB. Man of Peace
C. Punjab Kesari D. Mahamana
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50Leonardo da Vinci
A. was a great Italian painter, sculptor and architectB. got universal fame form his masterpiece "Monalisa"
C. drew models of organs such as the heart, lungs and womb D. All of the above
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51Lime is sometimes applied to soil in order to
A. increase the alkalinity of the soilB. increase the acidity of the soil
C. restore nitrates to the soil D. make the soil more porous
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52Magsaysay awards are named after Ramon Magsaysay, ____ who was known for his land reform programme to defuse communist insurgency.
A. President of the PhilippinesB. President of the Spain
C. President of the Scotland D. President of the Malaysia
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53Mahabaleshwar is located in
A. MaharashtraB. Rajasthan
C. Madhya Pradesh D. Himachal Pradesh
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54Moradabad (Uttar Pradesh) is famous for
A. brass wareB. sandal oil
C. newsprint factory D. penicillin factory
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