Basic General Knowledge - Questions (Section-2)
51How much of blood does the normal human heart on each of its contraction pump into the arteries?
A. 30 cm3B. 60 cm3
C. 30 cm5 D. 60 cm5
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52Human Rights Day is on
A. 24 FebruaryB. 10 December
C. 15 May D. 21 July
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53Hygrometer is used to measure
A. relative humidityB. purity of milk
C. specific gravity of liquid D. None of the above
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54In the last World Cup Hockey Finals in 2002, Germany beat ____
A. PakistanB. Australia
C. India D. Spain
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55In which of the following organs of human body does maximum absorption of food take place?
A. GulletB. Large intestine
C. Small intestine D. Stomach
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