Basic General Knowledge - Questions (Section-10)
46When was slavery abolished in Britain?
A. 1830B. 1837
C. 1843 D. 1833
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47Which atomic reactor is used for studies of uranium heavy water lattice?
A. ApsaraB. Zerlina
C. Dhruva D. Purnima-I
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48Which body of UNO carries on the function of the UNO with regard to international, economic, social, cultural, education, wealth and related matters?
A. General AssemblyB. Security Council
C. The Economic and Social Council D. Trusteeship Council
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49Which industries are found in Goa?
A. Mining and various small-scale industries like manufacturing soaps, paper and so onB. steel and cement industries
C. Oil refineries D. None of the above
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50Which is the biggest literary award of Britain?
A. David Cohen AwardB. Kalinya Award
C. Owen Global Prize D. Golden Bear Award
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