Basic General Knowledge - Questions (Section-1)
43Coral reefs in India can be found in
A. the coast of OrissaB. Waltair
C. Rameshwaram D. Trivandrum
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44DRDL stands for
A. Defence Research and Development LaborataryB. Department of Research and Development Laboratory
C. Differential Research and Documentation Laboratary D. None of the above
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45Escape velocity of a rocket fired from the earth towards the moon is a velocity to get rid of the
A. Earth's gravitational pullB. Moon's gravitational pull
C. Centripetal force due to the earth's rotation D. Pressure of the atmosphere
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46FRS stands for
A. Fellow Research SystemB. Federation of Regulation Society
C. Fellow of Royal Society D. None of the above
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47GATT (General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade) is
A. international agreement signed in 1947 between non-communist nations with the object of encouraging international trade unobstructed by tariff barriersB. agreement which seeks to achieve its aim by arranging and encouraging bargaining with trade concessions between members
C. Both option A and B D. None of the above
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48Who was the first Indian Chief of Army Staff of the Indian Army ?
A. Gen. K.M. CariappaB. Vice-Admiral R.D. Katari
C. Gen. Maharaja Rajendra Singhji D. None of the above
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