Basic General Knowledge - Questions (Section-1)
25During eleventh Antarctic Expedition in Nov. 1991/March 1992 ____ was installed.
A. SODAR (SOnic Detection And Ranging)B. Second Permanent Station 'Maitree'
C. First permanent station 'Dakshin Gangotri' D. None of the above
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26Film and TV institute of India is located at
A. Pune (Maharashtra)B. Rajkot (Gujarat)
C. Pimpri (Maharashtra) D. Perambur (Tamilnadu)
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27Fire temple is the place of worship of which of the following religion?
A. TaoismB. Judaism
C. Zoroastrianism (Parsi Religion) D. Shintoism
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28Friction can be reduced by changing from
A. sliding to rollingB. rolling to sliding
C. potential energy to kinetic energy D. dynamic to static
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29From the following, choose the set in which names of Secretary-Generals of the UNO are arranged in correct chronological order?
A. U Thant, Kurt Waldheim, Dag Hammarskjoeld, Trygve Lie.B. Trygve Lie, Dag Hammarskjoeld, U Thant, Kurt Waldheim.
C. Trygve Lie, U Thant , Dag Hammarskjoeld, Kurt Waldheim. D. U Thant, Dag Hammarskjoeld, Trygve Lie, Kurt Waldheim.
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30Guwahati High Court is the judicature of
A. NagalandB. Arunachal Pradesh
C. Assam D. All of the above
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