Current Affairs Banking - Questions (Section-1)
36Name the small finance bank that has received the Reserve Bank approval to operate as scheduled bank making it the fifth scheduled bank that operates from Kerala?
A. Jana Small Finance BankB. AU Small Finance Bank
C. ESAF Small Finance Bank D. Manapuram Small Finance Bank
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37SBFC and this bank signed a Memorandum of Understanding to provide loans worth Rs. 1 crore to MSMEs for 15-year tenure.
C. Axis Bank D. IDBI Bank
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38SBI Life Insurance join hands with this bank for bancassurance partnership recently.
A. Punjab National BankB. Allahabad Bank
C. Corporation Bank D. Andhra Bank
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39The cabinet has approved the merger of Vijaya Bank & Dena Bank with __________. And become the first ever three-way merger in Indian banking.
A. Axis BankB. Union Bank of India
C. Punjab National Bank D. Bank of Baroda
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40Which banks signs a bancassurance pact with SBI Life Insurance to offer a comprehensive financial planning solution to its customers?
A. Punjab National BankB. IDBI Bank
C. Corporation Bank D. Syndicate Bank
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